Entertainment Weekly: Mr. Mercedes

Entertainment Weekly: Mr. Mercedes
A couple illustrations I did for Entertainment Weekly's feature on the upcoming Stephen King novel Mr. Mercedes are in the issue on stands this week. The story follows a retired detective working to stop a killer who murdered 8 people and injured 11 at a job fair with a stolen Mercedes. The excerpt focuses on the dark interior of the antagonist's basement and mind as he reflects on past and future attacks.
Entertainment Weekly: Mr. Mercedes
Above are development thumbnails and sketches for the spread and interior, working out different compositions for the foggy morning street and the ominous wired basement. Ultimately, the more overt violence was selected and the circuit diagrams became a connecting visual motif. AD Dennis Huynh.Entertainment Weekly: Mr. Mercedes Entertainment Weekly: Mr. Mercedes

Jan/Feb Sketchbook

I've finally had the opportunity to do some life drawing again over the past few weeks, which has been really good/daunting to begin practicing again (especially in a workshop with natural light.) Here are some of the sketchbook pages, the first two using a brushpen, then crowquill and wash on the next few, and then watercolor on the last one. (If anyone has any advice on working with watercolor vs. short poses, or a source for portable heat-ray, please let me know.)

Postcards from London


In between projects over the past couple weeks, I've been working on some pen and ink drawings on postcards to send from London. Here are a handful from the British Museum, London Natural History Museum, the Louvre, Tower of London and some streets around London and Paris.

Hope everyone out there is having a warm and happy holidays, here's to the end of a monumental year and the beginning of a bright new decade.