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Washington Post: September Medical Mystery

Washington Post::  September Medical Mystery
The September installment of the "Medical Mysteries" series is out in today's Washington Post, with an interesting story about a young boy's sudden, inexplicable development of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tics.  As with the previous illustrations in the series, the design was to convey the symptoms as well as the culprit, which in this case interestingly enough was an autoimmune neuropsychological disorder's (PANDAS) response to to a bacterial strep infection.
Washington Post:: September Medical Mystery Sketches
Above are the thumbnails and finished sketches, attempting to convey fever symptoms from different angles as well as his symptoms of severe anxiety.  Art Direction by Brad Walters.

Eight Hours

Here is a piece I did for an article in last week's Washington Post on the science of sleep disorders.  The illustration was especially fun because we had a bit of lead-in time and I was able to collaborate with the AD, Brad Walters, on not only sketches for the composition but actually pitch a few ideas for how it could interplay with the page.  Below are a few of the layout ideas, and above is the Health & Science page with the finished artwork and copy.



Today's Washington Post includes a piece I did for a preview of the new series "Treme" which premieres on HBO this Sunday. While doing research I came across an interesting interview with the creators (who also created "The Wire") on Fresh Air. The show sounds like an uncommonly hard look into the nuanced world of post-Katrina New Orleans, and the thumbnails and sketches were mainly inspired by the disparity of the city's vibrant music and traditions against the more muted state of the characters' personal situations and the neighborhoods they're returning to. Much thanks to Chris Meighan at the Post.