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The Washington Post: RCE

The Washington Post: RCE  
This month's Medical Mystery column for The Washington Post follows a woman whose undiagnosed Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome (RCE) led her through an excruciating sleepless search for answers. The most vivid symptom of RCE is the inability to separate the cornea from the eyelid, which inspired the composition ideas below before going to the ink and digital illustration above. AD Lisa Schreiber.The Washington Post: RCE Sketches

Washington Post: Glucagonoma

Medical Mystery series illustration in today's Washington Post. This story followed a man whose skin condition symptoms misled doctors for nearly a decade. The sketches below were based on one point in the article when a seminar of 20 medical specialists were brought in to consult on the situation. This apparently included a lot of "head scratching." Art Director Brad Walters.